Return Policy

Refund can be issued under the below mentioned circumstances:

(a)     Order is cancelled as per customer’s request:

         when credit card has not been charged and flowers/gifts have not been ordered from our supplier – 100% refund will be given to customer

         When credit card has been charged and flowers have not been ordered from our supplier – 92% refund will be given to customer

         After flowers/gifts have been ordered from our supplier – 35% refund will be given to customer

          After the flower/gift leaves our shop/office. – No Refund will be given to customer

(b)   Dissatisfied / Issue with the quality of the product :

         If the products seems to unsatisfactory to the recipient due to the poor quality, a 100% refund will be issued to the customer under the below mentioned circumstances :

        Recipient has returned the gift (Flower/Cakes/others) instantly in intact condition to the delivery boy or at the mentioned address

        Customer must send us an email stating the reason of returning the product. Please mention the order details and Image of product on the email.


(c)   Delivery location beyond our coverage area: In case delivery location fall in the non-delivery zone or the location is not accessible due some unavoidable circumstances. – 100% refund will be given to customer.

Refund procedure:

 Refund will be done within the 2 working days of your order cancellation due to the above mentioned criteria. Customer will receive an email along with the refund details. The amount will be credited and reflected to the customer’s account within 4-10 working days once refund is done from our end.

Cancellation Policy

Order Cancellation is possible under below mentioned circumstances:

If any customer wishes to cancel his order, it needs to be informed 24hrs before the delivery/dispatch date. In this case 8% of the order amount will be deducted as the processing charge and 92% will be credited to customer account. Cancellation will not be possible if customer wishes to cancel the order on the date of delivery.

Any complain regarding the quality issue of hand delivered product should come to us within 24 hrs of delivery. Customer/Recipient needs to send image / snap of the product for our investigation purpose. Refund or re-delivery may happen depending on the complaint but this is the sole discretion of the Joogifts.

In case of hand delivery perishable item like Flowers or Cakes, we may call up the recipient to know the landmarks or to take the appointment for the delivery. We will treat the order as attempted delivery incase recipient is not available at the time of delivery or he/she refuse to accept the product due to some personal reason.  In such cases no further complain will be entertained regarding this issue.

The Website reserves the right to refuse the delivery of any order unconditionally without providing any reason. Customers are entitled to get 100% refund in such cases.

  Customer will have to send Cancellation request to us at Or call us at 033- 40331013